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Record Sea Turtle Nests In Georgia

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Loggerhead sea turtles nesting in Georgia have hit a high for the fourth straight year. More than 2,242 nests have been documented on barrier island beaches. Nest totals have climbed steadily since 2009, an encouraging change from the usual up and down fluctuations in loggerhead nesting.

Researchers credits the recovery to a wide range of conservation measures, from Georgia Sea Turtle Cooperative members using wire screen to shield nests from predators to commercial fishery regulations reducing sea turtle deaths off Georgia’s coast and far into the Atlantic Ocean. The Sea Turtle Cooperative is a network of volunteers, researchers, and agency employees who patrol barrier island beaches daily during the sea turtle nesting season protecting and managing nests.

Georgians can help conserve loggerhead sea turtles through purchasing a wildlife license plate. They can also contribute to the Georgia Wildlife Conservation Fund directly or through the state income tax form.


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