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International Coastal Cleanup

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In 1972, the Ocean Conservancy began as a small organization with a simple purpose: to fight for a healthy ocean. Since 1989, the International Coastal Cleanup has become one of the hallmarks of Ocean Conservancy’s work, growing from 12 sites along the Texas coast to more than 6,000 sites in more than 100 countries. With the help of the more than 9 million volunteers, over 145 million pounds of debris were removed in just under three decades.

Ocean Conservancy announces the date for the 28th annual International Coastal Cleanup, a global event that mobilizes hundreds of thousands of people to take action for our ocean, for September 21 this year.

Trash in our ocean is an issue that affects wildlife, the environment and our economy. But everyone has a role that they can play in helping. Here are three actions volunteers can do to both clean up and prevent ocean trash:

•             Take part in this year’s International Coastal Cleanup as a volunteer.

•             Pledge to fight trash: If 10,000 people decided not to make as much trash for one month; we could reduce the trash on Earth by over a million pounds. Taking the pledge will help turn the tide on trash.

Last year volunteers picked up a quantity of trash equivalent to the weight of 10 jumbo jets. We hope this year’s event another success. The more people who come out, the bigger an impact we can have.

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