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Dive Legend Promotes Oceanic Conservation

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Diving pioneer Dan Orr was in Cayman this month filming a series of public service announcements aimed at raising awareness of diver safety and marine conservation among residents and visitors.

It is important to continually remind divers about safety, such as to have a regular physical, especially after 35, or any time there is a health-related change in your life. In addition to staying physically fit for diving, Mr. Orr will be reminding divers to observe safety measures such as having proper scuba certifications, refreshing their dive skills, getting a proper medical clearance, ensuring their dive gear is in proper condition and doing complete buddy checks.

Through the PSAs, residents and visitors will also be reminded to respect the marine environment, not litter and clean up trash when they come across it. Divers will be asked to be responsible when culling lion fish and dispose of the fish properly. People will be reminded to stay within the 200-yard marker when swimming, use a flag when diving and snorkeling and remind those on powered watercraft to be respectful of dive flags and buoys.

The PSA will be seen on local TV and cinema screens later this year

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