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Understanding Great White Sharks

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Great white sharks are oftentimes viewed as a legend of sea, but here will always be much to learn about Great White sharks.

Recently, scientists have been following migration patterns and have noticed an influx of Great White sharks moving inward towards coastal waterways. They have found that the increasing population of seals on both coasts, is drawing the sharks closer in source of food.

Led by a non-profit organization called Ocearch, an all-star team of scientists ventured out from Cape Cod this summer, using a shark-hunting ship to find and tag great whites. Once the shark is tagged, the tracker will not only gives its position, but also tell researchers what the shark is actually doing when it’s in these different areas. The device does this by recording every single movement the shark makes, every tail beat every change in pitch or posture so we can find out what the sharks are actually up to.

However, locating and tagging great whites isn’t easy. The study was a month-long mission with a goal of tagging up to 20 sharks. Unfortunately researchers were only able to tag two sharks. Research is scheduled to continue next summer, which will be the 3rd study of this sort by the Ocearch.


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