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Misunderstood Great White Sharks

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Two shark attacks were reported in Australia this week. Debate has begun once again about how to best protect recreational users of the ocean from the possibility of a shark bite. William Winram, a free-diving world champion and Great White Shark Ambassador, said getting to better know the behavior of the animal is the key to avoiding fatal interactions with them.

Winram said that the threat posed by sharks to humans has been greatly exaggerated. In reality, humans are far more dangerous to sharks than they’ve ever been to us. In his experience, it is clear that sharks do not regard humans as prey.

Mr Winram said that while the key is to educate people about the risk, avoiding sharks entirely may not be a possibility. But if we can educate young people about rip currents and various other threats that represent themselves in the ocean, we can educate them about sharks as well. For instance, know what species of sharks are possible in that area that you’re planning to surf or to swim can better prepare you for an emergency strategy.

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