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great white shark

Tracking Great White Shark Lydia

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Tagged last year in Jacksonville by the Ocearch research group, the Great White Shark that was named Lydia has embarked on quite the journey. While tracking the shark this year, they have reported it to now be 300 miles off of the Azores, which is a full 2,960 miles across the Atlantic Ocean from Jacksonville Florida.

Researchers are hoping to analyze the data found from tracking Lydia, as well as many other sharks that were tagged last year to learn more about the sharks. Dr. Gelsleichter whom has been interested in sharks since he was young; he has been researching sharks for 20 years.

He states, “It’s pretty interesting just to identify what the movement patterns of this animal is as well as why they go where they go.”

Researchers hope to compare this data to not only track the migration periods of these animals, but to also better understand them.

image courtesy of ocearch

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