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OCEARCH Tagged Great White Shark Could Be Pregnant

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A Great White Shark named Lydia, whom was originally tagged off of the coast of Jacksonville Florida last March continues to make the news. Earlier this year, she was documented as the first recorded Great White Shark crossing the Atlantic Ocean, and is now believed to be possibly pregnant.

Lydia, along with many other sharks, is being tracked by OCEARCH, a non-profit organization dedicated to the research of Great White Sharks.

Scientists speculate that Lydia could however be pregnant due to her migration patterns. Chris Fischer, the founding chairman of OCEARCH is noted as saying, “What does it mean this time of year for a big female to be making a move would leave me to believe that she may be pregnant because I think that they give birth in the springtime. That would be like the April, May, June time, so if Lydia starts to make a move toward the beach or some shallow somewhere that is where she would be.”

Scientists will continue to track Lydia’s movements to get away from the coastline, where sharks tend to normally breed.

To find out where Lydia and other tagged Great White sharks are currently in the ocean, click here.

Photo credit: Ocearch

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