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Marine Conservation

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The ocean covers nearly 70% of the planet and houses thousands of species of plants, animals, and organisms. It is imperative that steps are taken to protect, and preserve our planet’s waterways. A recent study shows that less than 2 percent of our global ocean has any form of protection or conservation plan put in place. Clearly, this needs to change.

When looking at the essential elements needed to scale a successful marine conservation project, we must review successful projects of the past and formulate a plan in order to globally protect our waterways. Not all success can be replicated, but with a specific approach to marine protection, management of fisheries, and economic development we can site particular goals that could be attained. This would ultimately help create a vested interest between countries as and help align everyone’s goals to aid in the decision to invest in such conservation actions.

Focusing on these essential elements of conservation and forming a global plan will ultimately help to identify and support efforts to not only conserve our Earth’s waterways, but also to educate and promote awareness of this problem.

GR8-White works with non-profit organization(s) that are dedicated and driven to help and protect the oceans, lakes and waterways that surround us. You can feel proud and confident that each time you purchase a GR8-WHITE product YOU ARE HELPING MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

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