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Crab Robot To Explore The Oceans Depths

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The Korean Institute of Ocean Science and Technology developed Crabster CR200, an over half a ton, six-legged, crustacean-inspired robot that is intended for the most dangerous undersea exploration. Today, propeller-driven craft do not work well in fierce tides, and divers are limited to calm, relatively shallow seas. The new Crabster CR200 solves the long standing problem by mimicking the design of crabs and lobsters that live in stormy waters but are still able to control their movements. As the Crabster creeps along the ocean floor, it can adapt its posture to different current or pressure conditions, to a depth of around 200 meters. Using sonar, it scans the landscape for objects of interest, and can relay images through onboard cameras.

This new machine will be able to conduct seabed mapping, survey and inspection of wrecks, pipelines, ecosystems and pollution. It will work instead of divers in harsh environments. It also could assist in locating underwater resources, carrying out underwater mining, and responding to oil spill incidents.

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