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Oceans Full Of Trash

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The globe’s garbage patches in the ocean contain 200 million tons of floating debris. This is based on calculations that 2.5 percent of the world’s plastic ends up in the sea. The harm to fish and other sea creatures is increasing due to the rise in debris being added to our oceans.

A 2009 research trip to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch found 9 percent of the fish had ingested plastic, with recent studies have showing that percentage increasing.

The global challenge to clean up the garbage in the ocean is huge. Ocean scientists favor a low-tech, more practical approach to protecting the oceans from trash; In campaigns to persuade the world’s inhibitors to stop polluting our waterways.

Creating incentives to help reduce littering can be a political challenge. Only one of Australia’s eight main states and territories developed a beverage-container deposit law. In the U.S. only ten states—including California, Maine, Massachusetts, and Connecticut-have enacted container deposit laws in order to help individuals recycle.

It’s hard to reduce our carbon footprint. But with proper knowledge and a value instilled in our generation to preserve our land for the next, it is quite simple if everyone does their part to keep our world and our oceans clean and to preserve Earth for years to come.

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