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Joan Of Shark Spotted Near Australian Beach

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A massive great white shark was spotted last week swimming close to an Australian beach. The female shark, nicknamed “Joan of Shark”, is more than 16 feet long and weighs about 1.8 tons.

Joan was the largest of her kind to be electronically tagged. Fisheries protection officers placed a sophisticated satellite tag in her stomach that will enable tracking for at least a decade. Signals from the tag alerted authorities to its location this time.

Great white sharks are the largest predatory fish on the planet. They can reach up to 20 feet in length and weigh up to 2.5 tons. They are highly intelligent and curious creatures, with well-developed senses. They can swim at speeds of up to 15 mph (24 km/h), and can leap completely out of the water when hunting prey. Young great whites feed on fish, rays and other small sharks. Adults hunt harbor seals, sea lions and elephant seals, or scavenge whale carcasses for the blubber.

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