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Rare Goblin Shark Caught Accidentially In The Gulf

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Fisherman Carl Moore found an unsual bycatch on April 19. A goblin shark was in Moore’s trawling net, which was brought up from about 1,700 feet of water. Moore was fishing for royal red shrimp about 15 miles south of Key West. Shark expert call this catch “an important scientific discovery” since it is only the second goblin shark on record ever found in the Gulf of Mexico. The few found have mostly been in the Indian and Pacific oceans.

The shark is unusual looking, with an elongated, flattened snout and a protruding jaw with narrow, jagged teeth. Very little is known about goblin sharks, including how long they live, their biological status and their mating habits. One of the only things biologists do know is that goblin sharks live in very deep water.

Following the catch, the fisherman released the shark alive back into the water.

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