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Visit Your Local Beach

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Stay Healthy- Go to the Beach!

Here at GR8-White we deeply believe in the healing power of the ocean to our busy lives, and we are always happy to see our passion supported by new research. A two year study in Europe based on 2,750 participants aged 8 to 80 just found that even though all outdoor activities are beneficial to your emotional well being, but visits to the coast has the most powerful impact. That is to say, a simple walk on the beach is more effective than strolling in an urban park.

Stress is a complicated emotion. You cannot eliminate stress entirely, but finding healthy ways to manage and control stress will increase your emotional, spiritual, and mental well being. In promoting an active lifestyle and lowering stress your quality of life will benefit in many ways.

If you are skeptical of the study, summer is fast approaching. Plan a trip to your local beach so you can do some comparison yourself! If you happen to have the luxury of living on the coast, then plan more activities on the open water-surfing, boating, fishing, and scuba diving! The health benefits alone are solid justification for enjoying yourself around the water, everyday!

As always, get out there and LIVE GR8!

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