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Stranded Orca Saved

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A juvenile orca made a devastating mistake while hunting sea lions with her pod. Without the help of whale researchers and volunteers on the North Coast of British Columbia, her fate would have been surely sealed.

The young orca was discovered stranded on a rocky shoreline, after attempting to secure a meal. Luckily she was spotted by whale researcher Eric Keen while he was performing a survey along the coastline, reports the National Post. Keen quickly called a team to action, comprised of a local environmental group and volunteers. The team, thinking in the best interest of the orca, made the call to keep her wet and protected from the glaring sun. Rigging a makeshift pump and covering the young girl in blankets, the team worked nonstop over a period of 9 hours to keep the whale moist.

Those present noted that the orca was in obvious distress when they first arrived on scene. She was breathing fast and crying out often. After the team began to work, her behavior changed and it seemed as if she calmed down, almost acknowledging their dedicated rescue efforts.

After 9 grueling hours of hydrating the orca, the waters finally rose to a safe point. Rescuers allowed her to act on her own, and over a period of 45 minutes, she was able to free herself from the jagged shoreline. She immediately reunited with her nearby pod.


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