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Fishing Should be an Olympic Event

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The 2012 London Olympics is coming to an end and many of us still want more of it. Among the multitude of events, my personal favorite is in the pool. Swimming, a fast and fierce water sport, always fascinates me. However, now some people argue there is one fascinating water sport not yet included in the Olympics and it is very disheartening. Yes, you are right, fishing should be an Olympic event and individual anglers representing their nations will compete in disciplines such as bass fishing, freshwater fly fishing, deep sea fishing, freshwater spin casting and noodling.
Compared with some other long standing popular sports like soccer and basketball, fishing is also a worldwide sport and even enjoys a much longer history. Fishing is one of our most ancient sports, dating back 40,000 years. There are an estimated 40 million anglers in the United States alone. There are plenty of other solid reasons fishing should be included as an Olympic event: it requires the same strength and stamina like any other sports. Some says the vigor you need to carry a huge bass is more than hitting a ping-pong ball. Fishing could greatly promote environmental conservation when it is an honor to hold this event before the world and show off clean rivers and thriving natural resources. Fishing is educational- people can learn about the benefits of a particular game. In fishing, a lot could be learned and shared. Also, if fishing is an Olympic sport, there’s no need to spend a lot of money just to prepare a sport’s venue. A river or lake with rich aquatic resources would do. It brings in tourists as well. Who would not be thrilled to visit such place if the very same lake or river had been one of the Olympics’ sport venues?
But before fishing officially joins the Olympics family, let’s continue our love and dedication. Here are a few international fishing competitions you might be interested:
Cayman Islands International Fishing Tournament (Cayman Islands)
Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament (Kailua-Kona, Hawaii)
Pensacola International Billfish Tournament (Pensacola, Florida)
San Juan International Billfish Tournament (San Juan, Puerto Rico)
Annual Tobago International Game Fishing Tournament (Charlotteville, Tobago)
The Aquarama International Fish Competition (Singapore)
THE AMERICA CUP International Fly Fishing Tournament (Vail, Colorado)
Annual Texas International Fishing Tournament (Port Isabel, Texas)
International World Fishing Competition (Setúbal, Portugal)
Annual Phuket international sportfishing tournament (Phuket, Thailand)
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