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Gr8-White Accordion Gangplank

Safest Boat Ladder | GR8-White Accordion Gangplank

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There are many factors that need to be looked at when choosing the proper marine ladder for your application, but one of the most overlooked is safety. With so many available ladder types how does one determine which is safest for use? The following safety factors can be used when determining what boat ladder will best suit your application.

1. What is the ladder constructed from?
2. How does the ladder secure to your vessel?
3. Does the ladder have any moving parts?
4. What is the climbing angle of the ladder?
5. How much does the ladder weigh?

What is the ladder constructed from?

There are many materials that boat ladders can be made from. These include steel, aluminum, carbon fiber, or even wood in some applications. To today’s standards most ladders are made from stainless steel or aluminum for their anti-corrosion properties and light weight construction.

The GR8-White Accordion Gangplank is a 7 step fully anodized Marine Grade Aluminum ladder. Its superior construction provides a lightweight means for boarding and exiting your vessel. The GR8-White Accordion Gangplank also folds into a 16”x14”x16” cube for ease of storage.

How does the ladder secure to your vessel?

Depending on the type of ladder that you are considering purchasing, boat ladders may simply “hook” onto the vessel, may be bolted down with brackets, or contain a quick release pin system.

The GR8-White Accordion Gangplank mounts to your vessel with 2 Marine Grade Electropolished 316 Stainless Steel mounting brackets. It is secured with 2 Quick Release Pins with Stainless Steel lanyards.

Does the ladder contain any moving parts?

Most boat ladders on today’s market are built for ease of storage with an accordion construction, telescoping rungs, or fold. These moveable sections of the ladder could cause harm to those not properly handling them.

Unlike conventional folding or telescopic ladders, the GR8-White Accordion Gangplank is built with an accordion style construction. Simply attach the ladder to your vessel and stretch out for ease of use. No moving parts or ladder rungs falling out.

What is the climbing angle of the ladder?

Most marine ladders on today’s market require you to ascend and exit your vessel completely vertically. This makes it extremely unsafe and difficult for small children and pets to exit the boat.

The GR8-White Accordion Gangplank allows you to vary your climbing angle depending on the hull height of your vessel. You can climb the ladder rung for rung vertically, or stretch out for a gradually inclining angle for ease of climbing.

How much does the ladder weigh?

Marine ladders can vary in weight depending on their size and the material that they are constructed from.

The GR8-White Accordion Gangplank’s aluminum construction enables it to weigh much less than other ladders on the market today. With a weight of only 15lbs (6.8kg) the GR8-White Accordion Gangplank offers an easy method of use and storage for any avid boater.

As you can see, there are many safety factors that can be looked at when determining what marine ladder is right for your vessel. With so many ladders to choose from, the GR8-White Accordion Gangplank sets itself apart with its superior lightweight aluminum construction, UV stabilized PVC covered steps, easy storage, and low climbing angle.

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