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The Most Incredible Great White Shark Encounter

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Renowned underwater photographer Daniel Botelho recently captured a series of fascinating great white shark pictures near a remote island Guadalupe off Mexico.


People (from Steven Spielburg to Nemo) tend to see the great white sharks as blood-thirsty killers but Daniel is trying to dispel that perception. They are predators, but not psychopathic man killers. “The sharks are like dogs; you need to keep them calm,” he said on his Facebook page, “As dogs, they can get excited with wrong moves and unstable attitudes, so the trick is to keep the right attitude, transmitting tranquility and peace to the animal.” “This is the definitive proof that great white sharks are not man-eaters; people can live and interact with great white sharks, as long as they have the understanding of how the animal reacts and how to build a positive interaction with this magnificent creature!”

The Not-so-evil-looking Great White Shark

White sharks are specialized feeders and do not regard humans as prey, and most attacks on humans occur at the surface and are believed to have been cases of mistaken identity.
Here at Gr8-White we admire this magnificent creature and like to dedicate our love of the great white sharks by creating numerous decals, T-shirts and gadgets in its name and carry them around. We hope you like them too!


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