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The Gr8-White Holiday Gift Guide

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This Year’s Safest Holiday Gift 


Yes, we literally mean the best gift for your safety. When choosing the proper marine ladder for your application, one of the most overlooked is safety. With so many available ladder types how does one determine which is safest for use?


To today’s standards the best ladders are made from aluminum for their anti-corrosion properties and light weight construction. The GR8-White Accordion Gangplank is a 7 step fully anodized Marine Grade Aluminum ladder. In terms of how boat ladders are secured to your vessel, the GR8-White Accordion Gangplank trumps by mounting to your vessel with 2 Marine Grade Electropolished 316 Stainless Steel mounting brackets. It is secured with 2 Quick Release Pins with Stainless Steel lanyards. With these safety mechanisms, the Accordion Gangplank makes sure you are safe while having the best time with your family and friends on the water.


The GR8-White Accordion Gangplank also takes extra comfort into consideration by allowing you to vary your climbing angle depending on the hull height of your vessel. You can climb the ladder rung for rung vertically, or stretch out for a gradually inclining angle for ease of climbing.
Please buy now from our authorized dealers. Give this luxurious GR8-White Accordion Gangplank to the ones you care and love.



Gifts under $25 –Great Gift Items that Everyone Loves




Our Insulated Food Grade Stainless Steel Bottles are not only eco-friendly but their cool shape, variety of sizes and tops make it easy to switch from plastic bottles and save money too! BPA Free, have large opening for easy cleaning and for adding ice, keep your beverage cold for hours without the dripping condensation of most stainless steel bottles. Top shelf dishwasher safe; Leak proof construction. A perfect gift for your green bug family and friends!
On sale now from only $12.99!



A small gift with a big statement! Gr8-White symbolizes strength and grace in one sleek package. This Gr8-White decal is perfect for your car or truck, water sport boards, boats and anything you can think of. Easy to apply. From only $4.99!




The Gr8-White Retractable Cable Lock is the best gift to provide piece of mind for those who live an active lifestyle and frequent the beach.


With its slender construction and minimalist design, the Gr8-White Retractable Cable lock allows you to secure your goods by setting your own personalized combination. Available in both blue and green, this pocket sized piece of mind is guaranteed to become a go-to item while away from one’s vessel or belongings. On sale now for only $9.99!
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