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New Giant Squid Footage Surprises All

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Massive numbers of Giant Squid are showing up in southern California waters. Local fishermen along the California coast are ecstatic of the abundant amount of the squid in local waters. With the squid reaching up to 50 feet in length, they tend to put up a massive fight. One local noted that the experience was like that of “pulling up a Volkswagen Tire.”

The last time so much jumbo squid showed up here was back in 2009. This week, scientists in Japan’s National Science Museum teamed up with Japanese public broadcaster NHK and the US Discovery Channel, together they captured a first-ever footage of an elusive 600-pound giant squid roaming the depths of the Pacific Ocean, showing it in its natural habitat.

With this footage we hope to discover more about the life of the species. Hopefully with increasing amount of scientific research soon we can solve the puzzles such as why so many squids show up in California waters and how long they will stick around.

NHK said it and the Discovery Channel are scheduled to air special documentaries on the find later this month.


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