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2 Whales Wash Up On Long Island Shore

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Two whales washed up on New York’s Long Island shore hours apart earlier this past week. One was deceased and the other was later euthanized. Autopsy reports areresult is not yet available, but the news raised people’s concern because whales, including the sei, blue, fin, sperm, northern right whales and some sub-populations of humpback are listed on the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List of Threatened Species. Adult females give birth to one calf every few years and the recovery of whale populations from historic over exploitation is very slow. As mentioned last week, whale populations are threatened not only by whaling, but by collisions with watercraft.

What can you do to protect whales?

1. Check out a list of organizations that accept donations to help protect whales at We donate funds to non-profit organization(s) that are dedicated to help and protect the oceans, lakes and waterways through Gr8-White’s Going Blu Campaign. You can feel proud and confident that each time you purchase a GR8-WHITE product YOU ARE HELPING MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

2. Create awareness by talking to friends and community members about protecting whales.

3. Volunteer your time with organizations that protect whales and the ocean.

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