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Saving Our Oceans Sharks

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Sharks over the years have been provided a bad reputation. The generalized misconception of sharks as man eating monsters most likely stemmed from shark attacks, poor press, and Hollywood movies over the years. Two shark professionals, Chris Huss and Mark Strickland, both veteran divers and underwater photographers, have collaborated to bring the public “State of the Sharks,” a new photography exhibit documenting “the beauty and fragility” of sharks. They hope to provide awareness and to dispel myths of these beautiful ocean predators.

The exhibit opened in Venice and is aiming to gather support to have sharks listed as endangered species in March 2013 by Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora & Fauna (CITES).

Stunning photographs vividly display the beauty of sharks and the threats to them and motivate the public to help save the giant fish. Shark populations are most threatened by the practice of shark finning for use in sharkfin soup and by wasteful incidental catch (“bycatch”), whereby sharks are accidentally caught by fisheries that primarily target other species. Estimates vary widely, but most experts agree the number of sharks killed for these reasons are in the tens of millions per year.

During their dozens of years of diving and photographing experience with sharks, Chris and Mark had never had a bad encounter with a shark. The myth about Shark being a man-eater is a big misconception. The chances of being bitten by a shark are smaller than being killed by a bee, or a kitchen appliance, or airplane parts falling from the sky.

Shark finning needs to be curbed to protect the big fish. Stand up against shark fin soup and help spread the words.

For more information on how you can help our oceans sharks and other wildlife please visit

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