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Worlds Rarest Sea Turtle The Kemps Ridley On Display At Mote Aquarium In Sarasota

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The world’s rarest Sea Turtle is a new resident at the Mote Aquarium. The Aquarium at Mote Marine Laboratory in Sarasota has obtained a rescued sea turtle named “Caleb”.

Never heard of a Kemp’s ridley Sea Turtle? The Kemp’s Ridley is the most endangered of all marine turtles. The turtles typically weigh in just under 100 lbs and average a length of 24-35 inches.

Although Kemp’s ridleys are distributed throughout the Gulf of Mexico and U.S. Atlantic seaboard, they are most commonly found in warmer waters. A notable trait of all Kemp’s ridley Sea Turtles are that all females return each year to the beach of Rancho Nuevo to lay eggs. Listed as endangered in 1970 under United States law, international trade of this species is prohibited.

This particular Kemp’s ridley turtle has impaired swimming abilities and cannot be returned to the wild so it has made its permanent home at Mote Marine Laboratory’s exhibit– Sea Turtles: Ancient Survivors.

Today, the Kemp’s ridley faces two grim threats: loss of their nesting beaches, and death by drowning in shrimp trawls.

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