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BP Oil Spill Criminal Settlement

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Recent settlements between our federal government and BP over the Deepwater Horizon Spill have triggered bad memories for many along the Gulf Coast. The 2010 disaster that left 11 dead and released more than 200 million gallons of oil into our waterways has left many tourism industries reeling. Not to mention the devastating impact it has created for sea life which entire impact has to this point not been fully evaluated.

It is with last week’s ruling of the BP settlement over manslaughter charges to pay out settlements of nearly $2.4 billion to the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and $350 million to the National Academy of Sciences that bring to mind GR8-White’s Going Blu Campaign. Through our Going Blu campaign, GR8-White donates a percentage of it’s gross sales each year to help protect and conserve our Earth’s oceans, lakes, and waterways. We endeavor to rebuild a brighter future for our children and ensure that in their time they will see the sights and behold the wonders we see with each passing trip on our voyages into deep-sea.

We take pride in our work and efforts. We hope to never again witness a disaster of such a scale as the Deepwater Horizon disaster upon such a fragile and vulnerable ecosystem such as our beautiful Gulf.

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