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The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

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As you are probably aware, the fragile state of our oceans is only growing more delicate as technology outpaces nature. Plastic is one of the worst offenders in products created by man that end up in our waters. Plastic takes generations to break down and reintegrate into the natural order of things. On land we’re developing more advanced and abundant recycling programs to combat the problem; however pollution is increasing daily in our oceans.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in the Pacific Ocean Gyre.  People began noticing the contamination 20 years ago as plastics began collecting in the churning waters, now to date it’s been given a nickname, the Great Pacific Garbage patch. The region itself has several different estimates in size from 270,000 square miles to 5,800,000 square miles depending on the equation used to determine how much plastic per sampling.

There’s plenty of ways to help eliminate plastics from entering our oceans and waterways. First, enroll in the nearest recycling program in your area. Also, don’t forget to sort your recycling materials; it’s the fastest way to ensure the right plastics don’t end up in our waters. Another idea is to create a journal, logging the types of plastics you’re tossing away each week. Many highly populated areas have cleanup programs with adoptable highways or riverways that rely on volunteer programs for community clean up. You can also petition your local government to install liter traps along waterways that are polluted heavily and often trafficked.

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