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Diver Ocean Ramsey Swims With Great White Sharks

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The Great White shark is commonly referred to as one of the oceans fiercest predators. By growing to an average length of 15 to 20 feet and weighing up to 5,000 pounds the Great White Shark is also holds the title of the largest predatory fish on Earth.

Why would someone willingly swim in the water with the world’s largest predatory fish? The answer may surprise you!

Shark conservationist Ocean Ramsey was recently filmed swimming with a Great White shark in the waters of Hawaii. During the minute long video she is seen caressing the large shark, as well as grabbing its fin to hitch a ride through the ocean. As an advocate for shark preservation, Ramsey purposefully released her footage swimming with the massive shark on St. Valentine’s Day to express her love for the magnificent creatures.

Ramsey wrote in a posting to that states; “many people fear sharks and have unfortunately seem them portrayed on TV and in films as mindless man-eating machines. In truth, sharks are intelligent, calculated, and generally very cautious about approaching humans.” By releasing the video, she hopes to bring awareness to much needed shark conservation efforts and goes on to state the vital role that sharks play in maintaining a healthy ocean ecosystem.

As fellow advocates for maintaining the Earth’s oceans and its marine life, GR8-White was founded on the principles of providing quality marine lifestyle products while giving back to help aid in the conservation and preservation of our World’s oceans and other waterways. Through our Going Blu campaign, GR8-White donates a percentage of our gross sales each year towards conservation efforts offered by non-profit organization(s) to better preserve and protect our marine environment.

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Here’s the video:


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