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Safe Boating Tips

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National Safe Boating Week falls on May 18-24 this year. If you are planning on entertaining guests or just a normal day out on the water with your family, we recommend following these safety tips which you should always keep in mind.

  1. Most newcomers to boating are not familiar with how a boat handles on open water. Explain to your guests where the safest places are to sit during operation, how you’ll handle wakes, and if your boat is on the small side, show them how a passenger’s shifting weight can affect your boat’s stability or exposure to waves.
  2. Tell your guests how to call for help on VHF radio or how to activate the red mayday button on DSC-VHF radio.
  3. Ensure your new-to-boating guests to wear life jackets.
  4. Point out the location of other important safety gear such as flares and fire extinguishers.
  5. Show your guests on a map where you’re going, and let them know you’ve informed others on land of the boat’s whereabouts and when the group should be returning.
  6. Demonstrate what to do if someone falls overboard.

Also, to ensure safety please make sure that everyone boards and exits your vessel in a safe manner. If you plan on enjoying the beach from your boat, a GR8-White Bow to Beach Accordion Gangplank is the perfect way to safely enter and exit your vessel. These Bow to Beach Ladders showcases a frame that is constructed entirely of marine grade aluminum with stainless steel hardware for rigidity and strength. The ladder is very compact and folds into a 16”x14”x16” cube for ease of storing within your boat. So make sure you have one on your boat for extra safety. When your ladder is ready for use, simply extend its ends and clip it in with the supplied mounting pins and you are off to the beach.

By using a GR8-White Accordion Gangplank, you can ensure your guest’s safety both boarding and exiting your vessel.

Preserving life on the water takes effort and every person can be a potential lifesaver. If you see someone heading out without taking the safety precautions addressed above, you can notify them of the importance of safety to advert a potential tragedy.

To purchase a Bow To Beach Ladder please visit one of our GR8 Dealers

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