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18000 Hours of Footage Shows The Pacific Sea Floor Is Covered In Man-Made Trash

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Unfortunately, we are all familiar with the appalling images of debris floating on the surface of the ocean, but few of us realize the situation is equally appalling deep down on the seafloor. Our Earth’s oceans are becoming polluted at an alarming rate and this can all be avoided with a conscience effort to keep our environment clean.

According to Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute in California, 32% of trash found on the deep sea floor was made of plastic, mainly being plastic bags, which are notoriously dangerous for marine life. 23% of the garbage was confirmed to be metallic from various the surveying of various objects. Other common debris found included rope, fishing equipment, glass bottles, paper, and cloth items.

Because of the extreme conditions in deep sea (very cold water, little oxygen, few bacteria), all of this trash will likely stick around much longer than it would at the surface. Scientists hope to begin to understand what impacts these debris may have on the ecosystem.

Ultimately, preventing the introduction of litter into the marine environment through increased public awareness remains the most efficient and cost-effective solution to this dilemma. GR8-White is aware of the issues faced today with the pollution of our waterways and is lending a hand through their Going Blu campaign. Through the GR8-White Going Blu campaign; each year a percentage of gross sales is donated to aid in the conservation of our Earth’s oceans and waterways to non-profit organizations that are also dedicated in keeping our waters clean and safe!


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