GR8-WHITE | Marine Lifestyle Products | About our company
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About GR8-White

Gr8-White was founded on the principles of providing quality marine related products for the water sports lifestyle.  We dedicate time to the research and development of only the most innovative products, including our number one seller, the Accordion Gangplank.


Gr8-White also believes in the preservation of our Oceans and Waterways. The Ocean makes up approximately 70% of the earths surface and humans are the only creature on this planet that can help sustain this beautiful world that we live in today for the generations that follow us.


When you purchase a product from Gr8-White, you are helping!  A percentage of Gr8-White’s profits each year will be donated back to a non-profit organization that dedicates its efforts to the education and preservation of our waterways.  Going Blū is the way to go!


So get out there and Live Gr8!