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Our company was founded on the principles of providing quality marine related products to compliment activities engaging the water lifestyle. Along with providing the marine industry with cutting edge products, we also have a strong belief in the conservation and the preservation of our World’s oceans, lakes and waterways.


Oceans make up nearly three quarters of our planet and holds an estimated eighty percent of all life on Earth. Our Oceans and waterways seem like an infinite resource, but because of various factors including global warming and pollution they are not what they should be to keep this planet alive.


People are familiar with the term “Going Green” but at Gr8-White we want the world to learn that “Going Blu” is just as equally important. Each year, Gr8-White is committed to donating a percentage of their gross sales to the conservation of oceans, lakes and waterways of our world.


Through our Going Blu Campaign, Gr8-White donates these funds to non-profit organization(s) that are dedicated and driven to help and protect the oceans, lakes and waterways that surround us. You can feel proud and confident that each time you purchase a GR8-WHITE product YOU ARE HELPING MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

We thank you for supporting Gr8-White and its dedic8tion to sustainable resources.