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Studies Show Some Great White Sharks Can Live Up To 70 Years Old

Great white sharks may live to 70, or almost as long as humans, according to a new study in Massachusetts released in January, BUT the omnipresent demand for shark fin soup continues to cut through that chance of staying alive.

Shark fin soup, cut out of the fins of shark species such as great white sharks, is sold up to $200 per bowl in Asian restaurants all around the world. It has been estimated that millions of sharks die just to fill the market demand for their fins every year.

The problem of shark finning has not been resolved. There are currently no binding arrangements to curb the shark finning practice. New public campaigns have begun emerging to condemn the culturally driven practice of eating shark fin soup – most notably one starring Maggie Q, an international star with a fan base in both Asia and North America. In addition to legal efforts and campaigns to ban shark fin soup, alternative soups are encouraged by restaurant that used to serve shark fin soup in New Zealand, and some declare that the shark fins they used are from sustainable sources where the fins are a secondary product only.